How to Install a Blogger Template

Google has made it possible for people to build their customized templates with their template designs or even from outside templates. There are lots of amazing templates that can be used to start a career in blogging. Gone are those days when people find it difficult to install a template because they were not tech savvy. Today, how to install a blogger template is what anyone can do with dummies or simple instruction from the internet.

how to install a blogger template

TopĀ Blogger templates comes in different colors and designs. Well-structured and designed templates are what everyone are looking for when it comes to blogging business. With the number of sectors making use of blogger template, the process of installing them has become simpler. When you find links that are included in templates that you want to make use of, ensure that these links are removed.

Steps on How to Install a Blogger TemplateĀ 
If you have gotten a blogger template from a different website, the process of installation is the same process:
Log in to your blogger account. When you are logged in, go to the blogger dashboard where you will see a design link. You should click on that link. There is tan where you see HTML. Click on it. The next thing to do is to get the link of the template downloaded when you click. You should be able to save the link on your PC. The link should be named and it should be reserved for future use.

The next stage is to unzip that template file you must downloaded before you started your installation process. Get back to the Edit HTML page. Move to the Choose File tab and click. Move to the place where you saved the unzipped files on the PC. Double click on the tab that ended with xml.
The next step is to go to the Upload tab. In case, you have existing widgets that are on your blog, you will get a message to either delete or keep them. Of course you can keep it! All you have to do is to tap on the Keep Widgets button. However, if want to discard them, all you need to do is make use of the Delete Widgets button.

Immediately the upload has been completed, you will receive a message that will placed on the uppermost part of the page ‘Your Changes Have Been Saved.’
You should go to the button that says View Blog. This is to make sure that a blog will appear the way you desire. It is not compulsory that you keep everything on the page template. There are things you are to keep or delete.