How to Cure Eye Stye Overnight

All of you who have already experienced stye know how unpleasant, painful and ugly these little lumps on your eyelids can be. These cysts, called hordeolum in medical language, can be internally and externally positioned. They are almost always a consequence of a bacterial infection and cause eye redness, burning, discomfort, itchy eyelid, a lump full of pus and watery eye(s). The bacteria which is specifically responsible for this nasty infection is called staphylococci.

How tonightre cure eye stye overnight

The good news is that the most of stye cases are solved without special medical treatment. However, the process can be rather long for such an unpleasant state – it can last up to four weeks. Here are a few tips on how to get rid of a stye overnight.

1. Warm Compress
Using a warm compress is the first step in getting rid of a stye. Simply soak a soft absorbent material, such as a cotton ball into hot water. Apply the warm cotton onto the infected eye. After several minutes, when the cotton cooled down, get a new cotton ball. Make sure you repeat the whole process multiple times consecutively. Be persistent, as the warmth will heal the congested gland which actually caused the stye. However, don’t exert too much pressure on the eyelid, as you could cause forceful bursting of the stye, which is not recommended.

2. Green Tea or Chamomile Tea Bags 
Repeating the same procedure as described above with warm compress, but using green tea or chamomile tea bags instead is helpful too. Except from helping the stye pus drain, the powerful antibacterial property of green tea will ease the infection quickly. In the same time, this will ease the pain instantly.

3. Antibacterial Cream Suitable for Eye Zone
As explained above, stye is caused by a bacteria. Get an antibacterial cream which can be used in the eye zone and apply it on previously cleaned stye. Consult the pharmacist on choosing the right cream. Make sure your hands are clean – wash them thoroughly before and after applying the cream.

4. Resist the urge to pop it!
Having a stye is similar to having a large pimple, except it is more painful and annoying. Resist the enormous urge to pop the stye as this will surely spread the bacteria all around. The infection will spread and the damage will be serious.

5. Turmeric
It is good to have this spice, not only in the kitchen, but also in your home medicine box. Boiling one teaspoon in two cups of water until half of the mixture evaporates and filtering it will be good enough to prepare natural eye drops which relief style symptoms.

6. Cucumber
Cucumber is well-known for its beneficial effects on eyes. Women use it as a traditional, but still very popular beauty treatment. Fortunately, cucumbers abound in K, B1 and C vitamin. This is why applying a washed cucumber slice to a stye will remove it after several applications. As soon as you feel that the cucumber slice has dried up, replace it with a new one. Gently massage.

These were several tips on how to cure a stye overnight. We offered traditional, home remedies, as this condition usually does not require serious medical treatment. However, if the problem remains after several days, you should consult your medical practitioner.